Hybrid Church

4 Ways to Use Posts this Easter

With Posts, you can equip your church with the story of the Gospel before, during, and after Resurrection Sunday.

How could this impact your ministry?

Whether you watch football for the game, halftime, or commercials, here’s an exciting opportunity to help your church.

YouVersion for Churches FAQs

Learn about new features from YouVersion that help you minister on Sunday and then every other day of the week.

11 Ways to Optimize Your Communications Strategy

Finding it tough to stand out? Discover 11 ways to help you maximize platforms like email, social media, and more.

Create Community Around Your Christmas Content

Create community around your Christmas content with these 7 tips.

A Conversation with Church of the Highlands

Hybrid Church and 21 Days of Prayer: Listen to our conversation with Church of the Highlands.

7 Free Christmas Resources for Your Church

Get resources, tools, and strategies for your in-person, digital, and hybrid Christmas experiences.

Connecting Online Community, In-Person through Watch Parties

How a watch party helped Life.Church create an in-person experience for their online community.

Micro-expression, Macro Impact: How Community Christian is Embracing Hybrid Church

Community Christian Church is embracing hybrid by building a global network of micro-churches.

Hybrid Church Content: Focusing on the 168.

Easily repurpose or create content for the 168—all the hours in the week, not just your weekend service. Here's how.

Introducing YouVersion for Churches

Our goal is to help the Church create experiences that lead people into deeper intimacy with God every day of the week.

What You Need to Know About Hybrid Church

Let’s talk about common hybrid church misconceptions you can discuss with your team.

How to Do Hybrid Church

“How do I do hybrid church?” If you’re asking this question, here are steps you can take toward hybrid church.

How to Effectively Use YouVersion to Engage Your Church

Take a look at four ways you can use YouVersion to engage with your church community.