How to Effectively Use YouVersion to Engage Your Church

YouVersion isn’t just for personal devotion—it’s for community engagement. And that community includes your church.

Here are 4 ways you can use YouVersion to engage with your church community:

1. Connect with YouVersion Events.

YouVersion Events helps churches streamline their service information while providing your community with interactive service elements. Events is free, and it’s an easy way to broadcast key message points, Bible references, external links, and images—from inside YouVersion.

Creating an Event also allows people to stay connected to your church throughout the week—whether they’re at home or in your church lobby. Plus, anyone browsing the Events feature in your area can easily locate your service times and church information.

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2. Read through the Bible together.

As you plan your next message, try using YouVersion Events to link relevant Bible passages to any of the 2500+ Bible versions in the app. The passages you select will then appear in everyone’s Message Notes within Events.

Sharing Scripture from YouVersion makes it easier for people to engage from any location, while highlighting, saving, and taking notes on passages that stand out to them. And because people have the option to Add Friends in YouVersion, they can easily share notes and thoughts about verses related to your message with each other.

Here’s How to Add Friends

3. Complete a Bible Plan as a Community.

Many Christians struggle to stay engaged with their church community throughout the week. To help people stay connected to one another, consider launching an “Add Friends” campaign that encourages them to Friend each other in YouVersion. Then encourage them to complete Bible Plans together in small groups using Plans with Friends. You can do one Plan together as a church, or ask each small group to pick a Plan they can go through together.

More Ideas for Using Plans

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4. Share Prayer Requests.

You know that prayer is powerful, but how do you convey that to the people you’re called to lead?

Use YouVersion Prayer to help people create and share a prayer list. You can even create a Prayer Chain that allows Friends and Friends of Friends to share a Prayer and pray for each other. This feature is an easy, straightforward way to help your church stay in touch even when there’s physical distance.

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