3 Ways to Integrate Bible Plans Into Your Church

…be compassionate shepherds who tenderly care for God’s flock and who feed them well, for you have the responsibility to guide, protect, and oversee. Consider it a joyous pleasure and not merely a religious duty…
1 PETER 5:2

Imagine your whole church engaging in God’s Word on a daily basis. Together.

As pastors and church leaders, we know it can be challenging to lead people to grow deeper in their faith journey in just one hour a week. What happens when those sixty minutes are up? How do you continue to facilitate spiritual growth? Focusing your strategies to extend the gospel’s impact between your weekly services can be complicated.

But, what if you could continue to guide people into a deeper relationship with Christ after they close their laptops or walk out the doors?

Whether you’re a small groups pastor, communications director, or children’s ministry leader, chances are you already have some strategies in place to work toward accomplishing that goal—such as establishing community, educating new believers, or equipping leaders. While you can approach those things in a variety of ways, the most successful strategies tend to have a common thread: God’s Word.

Today, we’re sharing 3 ways you can encourage the people who attend your services to engage with the Bible through Plans—daily portions of Scripture paired with devotional content.

1. Invite small groups to go through Plans together.

Bolster your small group content while simultaneously helping people build a Bible habit. You can select Plans that extend the impact of your weekly message, or that focus on specific content such as relationships, finances, or mental health.

Plans with Friends lets each person engage on their own schedule, while also cultivating community as everyone participates in the comments that follow each Plan day.

Small Group Plans

2. Share a foundational Plan with new believers.

When a person makes the life-changing decision to follow Christ, that moment presents you with an ideal opportunity to provide them with resources right at the beginning of their faith journey.

New to Faith Plans

3. Invite your team to join you in a Plan.

Start Plans together that help your team grow in leadership, wisdom, and serving others. Once you choose a Plan, select “With Friends” to invite your team, and stay connected to each other during the week.

Plans for Your Team