4 Ways to Use Posts this Easter

In a few weeks, people will celebrate Jesus’ victory over death and our renewed relationship with Him.

And with the new Posts feature, you can pastor your church every day of the week—before and after Easter.

Here are four ways you can use Posts.



1. Invite people to start an Easter Plan.

Remind your church to reflect on the depth of Jesus’ love for them with an Easter Plan.

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2. Post about your service times.

Use Posts to remind people about your in-person and online Easter services.

When you send a Post, encourage people to share it to invite others to church!



3. Share Bible verses.

Encourage your church to read through the Easter story with the people in their lives.

Send them a verse on Easter to reflect on the power of the empty tomb.

Share a Verse >


4. Create more ways to connect.

With Posts, you can encourage your people to fill out forms that allow you to follow up and stay connected.

Discover other ways you can create connections throughout the week with your church.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to reach people like never before leading up to Easter.

To get started with Posts, set up your Church Profile.