This is something to celebrate!

You’re a part of something special, and God is using you to reach people like never before.

2022 Stats

Together, we get to continue to lead people into deeper intimacy with God—not just on the weekend, but every single day.

YouVersion for Churches Posts

With Posts, you can add sermon notes, midweek devotionals, and so much more—all in the app your church is using to seek God every day.

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Bible engagement is a ministry strategy. - Will Coleman, Chazown Church

Just like Pastor Will, you have the exciting opportunity to point people to God’s Word every day through YouVersion for Churches.

In 2022, we saw lives being changed because of what God is doing through you and your ministry.

This year, what would happen if you leaned into God’s calling on your life even more?


As people create new goals this year, here’s one way you can help lead your church to deepen their relationship with God and His Word.

The 21-Day Challenge - Coming Soon…

Starting February 1, the 21-Day Challenge allows the people in your church to make connecting with God’s Word a daily habit.

Highlight a Featured Plan and use Posts to motivate them to earn the exclusive Badge.