Introducing Posts

A new way to pastor your church daily…

With the latest app update, you’ll be able to communicate with people following your Church Profile on YouVersion directly through the app.

Introducing Posts

Posts allows you to add announcements and other content to your Church Profile.

With Posts, you’ll be able to add sermon notes, midweek devotionals, promote your upcoming Christmas services, and so much more—all in the app your church is using to seek God every day.

YouVersion for Churches - Post

5 Ways to Use Posts >

When you create a Post, people following your Church Profile will receive a push notification through YouVersion.

Post notification

When they tap on the notification, they’ll be directed to an announcement pinned to the top of your Church Profile.

Post on Church Profile

To get started, set up your Church Profile. You’ll be able to access free tools and resources that will help  your church find new ways to grow closer to God every day.