Hybrid Church Content: Focusing on the 168.

One of the most important things we can do as ministers of the Gospel is help people build lasting connections with one another in true biblical community. That’s challenging when we only have their attention for an hour or two on Sunday.

Hybrid Church helps you reach people in the spaces where they’re living their everyday lives.

Leveraging Hybrid Church means using whatever tools you have available to help your people connect with your church and with others, regardless of whether they’re engaging with you in person or digitally.

Content for 168 Hours

At your church, who generates the primary content you use on the weekend? If your church is like most, your lead or teaching pastor invests significant time praying, studying, planning, and outlining the message.

What if that content could live beyond the weekly service?

A Hybrid Church model helps you give people reminders of the main points from your weekend message, and help others discover your church outside of the weekly service.

Below is a breakdown of how much time we each have in one week—168 hours. If you put all of your focus only on content for your services, you’re missing opportunities to continue to engage your audience throughout the week.

With just a little bit of strategy and a few systems, you can provide helpful, valuable information and resources that help them connect with God all throughout the week, not just on Sunday. Here are just a few examples:

  • Create short sermon clips from your pastor’s message and share them on social media.
  • Find a Bible Plan in YouVersion that fits with your weekend message and share it online, encouraging people in your church to go through it together. 3 Ways to Integrate Bible Plans into Your Church
  • Schedule a mid-week livestream event, where your pastor offers additional thoughts they’ve had since the weekend, and answers questions.
  • Look up each of the verses from your weekend message in YouVersion, download Verse Images for them, and share them throughout the week.

For each of these suggestions, remember: you’re not creating marketing or promotional materials to convince people to come to your church. You’re supporting your existing community, helping them connect with each other, and equipping them to follow Christ in their daily lives.

And, if you do that well, more people will discover your church organically, as your community shares and invites.