Introducing YouVersion for Churches

In 2006, Life.Church launched the very first church online experience to reach people outside our physical church walls. When we saw how God moved through this technology, we began freely sharing our Church Online Platform to empower any church with the same ministry opportunity.

Meanwhile, just down the hall, God was also working through our YouVersion team, connecting a global community of people with God’s Word in their own language—now numbering more than 1,700 languages in over 2,500 Bible versions, with nearly 500 million installs.

Recently, we asked ourselves, “What Kingdom impact could we see if these two teams joined together?

Meet YouVersion for Churches. Our goal is to provide the global Church with content and tools to create experiences that lead people into deeper intimacy with God every day of the week—not just on Sundays.

Preparing for the future of Church.

Earlier this year, we shared a video from YouVersion’s founder, Pastor Bobby Gruenewald, describing what we believe to be the future of church—an integrated digital and physical experience that people will participate in throughout the week. We call it Hybrid Church.

In 2020, thousands of churches turned to Church Online Platform for the first time to keep people connected. You may have viewed online services as a substitute for in-person ones, but what if they could be the first step in a series of opportunities to amplify your ministry? When you blur the lines between digital and in-person experiences, it means that church can go beyond the weekly service.

The world is already operating in a hybrid model. Ordering takeout, shopping for groceries, and healthcare all exist within both digital and physical platforms, to name just a few examples.

Combining two digital ministry teams to create YouVersion for Churches allows us to further equip the Church to engage with people from physical to digital experiences … and back again.

Dream with us about the future, and let’s continue to bring God’s Kingdom to earth, together.

Moving forward, it’s going to be imperative that church leaders ask themselves how they can build continuity between in-person and digital experiences. We want to encourage you to begin the conversation about how your ministry can best apply today’s technology and tools to serve your community.

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As we move forward, we can’t wait to see what God continues to do through you and your ministry. We’re honored to get to partner with you to reach people for Christ!