YouVersion for Churches FAQs

What if your church could have a presence in YouVersion—an app installed on over 500 million devices worldwide?

What if you could minister to people at your Sunday service, and then every day of the week?

What if you could have data about how your church is engaging in the Bible, offering you helpful insights as you make decisions about sermon topics and programming for your ministries?

Now you can through YouVersion for Churches. We’re here to help you bridge the gap between modern life and ministry.

What’s YouVersion for Churches?

In 2021, we announced YouVersion for Churches—resources and tools to help the global Church create experiences that lead people to deeper intimacy with God every day of the week, not just on Sundays.

If you missed it, YouVersion founder and CEO Bobby Gruenewald described what we believe to be the future of church—an integrated digital and physical experience that people will participate in throughout the week. We call it hybrid church.

We’ve recently released two brand-new features inside the YouVersion app that help churches increase Bible engagement and stay connected to their church throughout the week: Church Profile and Insights.

What’s Church Profile?

Imagine connecting your local church to the world’s largest digital Christian community.

With Church Profile, you can create your own space inside of YouVersion, making your church discoverable to your members—and the entire YouVersion Community. Your members can tap “Set As My Church” and connect to you in YouVersion.

Church Profile

You can customize your Church Profile, adding important information like church name, logo, service times, and more.

Plus, your church can choose from over 25,000 devotional Plans and set a featured Plan for your whole church to engage with. People who tapped “Set As My Church” will be notified when you highlight a new devotional Plan.

We’ll continue to build in more elements to Church Profile to help increase engagement with your attenders!

What’s Insights?

What if you didn’t have to guess what your church needs?

With Insights, you can Explore top search trends, highlighted verses, books of the Bible, and more. View global trends, or zoom in on your church to see aggregated, anonymous data that helps you guide your community.


YouVersion Trends is available for all churches with access to the Church Portal. Churches with five or more people who have tapped “Set As My Church” will have access to aggregated, anonymous church data.

How do I get access to Church Profile and Insights?

Both Church Profile and Insights are available through our Church Portal. If you have questions, our Church Support team is here to help!

What’s the best way to share Church Profile with my church?

Great question! To help you share your Church Profile with your attenders, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources and a sample rollout plan.