Here’s what happened at our Special Event.

At our very first YouVersion for Churches Special Event, Bobby Gruenewald, CEO and Terry Storch, COO shared their vision for new features that will help your church build community and connection—all week long.

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If you missed it, Bobby and Terry shared about two new features for churches: Church Profile and Insights.

Church Profile

Millions of people draw closer to God through YouVersion every single day. And, with Church Profile, churches will be able to reach people like never before.

“It became immediately clear [when we started developing features] that we needed a way to connect people with their church, right inside YouVersion.”
Terry Storch
Chief Operating Officer, YouVersion

Church Profile

Church Profile will create pathways throughout the week for people to connect with their local church community, and for pastors to engage with their congregations—all from inside YouVersion.


Insights is a powerful analytics tool built into the YouVersion for Churches Portal.

Insights is designed to give church leaders both a high-level view of YouVersion stats and a zoomed-in, anonymous view of YouVersion activity for your church community.

The goal of Insights is to give you data that will help you guide your church daily, all while ensuring privacy and security.

“What would you do differently if you knew how often your church was reading a certain book of the Bible? Or if you knew a large percentage of your church was searching for terms like ‘anxiety’? How would it shift your strategy?”
Terry Storch
Chief Operating Officer, YouVersion

We’re just getting started.

Church Profile and Insights are just the beginning of the features we’re developing. We have an entire team actively building what's next for YouVersion for Churches.

“I believe the future of the Church is bright. And it’s because there are thousands of church leaders, just like you, who are ready to do whatever it takes to reach people for Christ.”
Bobby Gruenewald
CEO, YouVersion

Want to spread the word about what we’re building? Download these shareables from the Special Event.

As always, any product from YouVersion is completely free.

If you want to be one of the first churches leveraging this technology to reach people for Christ, we recommend setting up your Church Profile today.

Not only will you be able to give your church a presence in YouVersion and access Insights, you’ll be ready to use new features as soon as they become available.