A New Way To Connect

Church leaders around the world are using the brand-new Bible app features for churches to help people find the connection they’re looking for.

Hear Israel, a pastor from Cristo tu Única Esperanza in Chile, share about their experience.

YouVersion for Churches has been outstanding! Our team has been very intentional in leveraging all the features and incorporating them in every service. They've added a very special sense of belonging and fellowship to our Church. - Pastor Israel

With YouVersion for Churches, Cristo tu Única Esperanza is able to read featured Plans together in YouVersion throughout the week.

We've been able to build community every day, not just when we see each other. That's what I like most- that we are not just able to be the church or build community on Sundays, but rather every day through Plans!

We can’t wait to see how these new features help you and your church community grow closer to God every day.

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