4 Ways to Increase Attendance this Christmas

It’s no secret that churches are focused on increasing in-person attendance during the holidays. But what about online?

This year, meet people—wherever they are—by providing multiple access points to your Christmas services.

Invest with equal weight

Make sure your marketing strategy emphasizes your physical and digital Christmas experiences.

Include details for your online service on your website, invites, social media, and ProPresenter slides.

When you announce your Christmas services, make a point to talk about how people can engage online. Include relatable examples like traveling for the holidays or working extra shifts in retail.

Leverage the power of compounding

Provide your existing digital community with resources to invite people to your online services.

Post shareable graphics and caption templates in the comments section of your online services in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Bundle and save

Simulcasting your service on multiple platforms allows people to tailor their experience, and expands your church’s reach with minimal additional effort.

Already using Facebook? Try adding in Church Online Platform or YouTube and vice versa.

Give it a try

If your church hasn’t tried an online service before, the holidays are a great time to test the digital waters.

Find answers to your questions about equipment, staffing, and best practices here.

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