3 Ways to Amplify Engagement this Christmas

It’s no secret that churches are focused on increasing attendance during the holidays.

But how do you encourage people to stick around in the new year?

Discover three ways to maximize your strategy—whether you’re using Church Profile, Church Online Platform, or both.

Create an excellent experience online.

Church Online is more than watching a video—it’s all about community around content. Use Moments to engage your church in everything from prayer requests to lighting a digital candle.

These opportunities to engage digitally help your online attenders feel more connected and have a clear pathway to their next step.

Bonus tip: Run a test service before your online Christmas services to ensure things go smoothly.

Encourage continued connection.

Present opportunities for new people to stay connected to your church all throughout the year.

By reintroducing YouVersion to your church and encouraging people to follow your Church Profile, new attenders will stay connected to your church well beyond your Christmas services.

And, if people are watching online, encourage them to create an account for your church online experience. This gives you access to their email address and allows you to contact them after the service or at any point in the future.

Provide a clear next step.

Whether it’s attending your church regularly or building a Bible habit, everyone has a next step in their faith journey.

Help your church develop new habits and spiritual disciplines by updating your Featured Plan for Christmas and the new year.

Then, use Insights to view anonymous, aggregated data about how your church is engaging with chapters, verses, and content in YouVersion. Those felt needs and popular sections of the Bible can inform your content strategy for months to come.

Looking for more ways to engage your church this Christmas? Check out these recommended Featured Plans.