17 men. 800 days in the Word…

Meet JD,

A pastor using YouVersion to change lives.

When Covid shut down our church, I started a Bible study for men using YouVersion Plans. I asked a bunch of guys to commit to daily devotionals for a period of time. That period of time has never ended.

The 17 men in JD’s Bible study have now spent over 800 days in a row in God’s Word.

Even though City Life has reopened its doors, the group has no plans to break their Bible habit anytime soon.

The guys have walked through so much of life together: job loss, new children, divorce, physical healing, and more. And, the power of God’s Word through YouVersion has been with them every step of the way.

YouVersion's intentionality to make Bible reading and discussion accessible is the spark that spread through the men in our church.

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The pandemic changed our lives, but it also shifted our understanding of what’s possible. And, in two weeks, churches everywhere will be able to use YouVersion to connect their communities like never before.

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